Webinar featuring IDC: Future Proofing Mobile Application Development

Future  Proofing Mobile Application Development

Many application developers live by the motto, "mobility is not enough" when developing enterprise applications. There is a critical need for apps to provide the same experience on the web as well as on any mobile device. As developers look at solutions for developing apps, there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration such as connecting to backend data, flexibility for support and user experience.

Watch this recorded webinar as guest speaker John Jackson of IDC, Research Vice President, Mobile & Connected Platforms and Lee Andron, Mobile Senior Principal Product Manager at Progress take a look at the current state of mobilization. This webinar discussed:

  • Why mobility is not enough and the challenges that need consideration when developing cross-platform apps
  • The many benefits of using a single platform to build apps such as performance, cost savings, etc.
  • The evolving needs for a better experience across devices including integration, connection, and flexibility for backend support

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