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DataDirect @ Dreamforce

Discover Fast, Easy Data Integration Anytime, Anywhere with Salesforce

What's Your Salesforce Data Style?

Ask yourself, do #ILookLikeASFRockstar? Define your style by strutting your stuff on our red carpet.

DevZone Bound

Come visit us and discover the secret to making Salesforce Lightning Connect even better!

Can't Miss Session

Sumit Sarkar demos how easy it is to use Lightning Connect to any external data source.
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Intuit Talks LC

Intuit explains how they used Lightning Connect to bring data connectivity to legacy systems for thousands—in just 3 months. Reserve your spot now!

Dream Big
with DataDirect

Let us show you how to get your data in style, any data, from any, from any device.

Strut Your Stuff

Discover your Salesforce data style, strike a pose on our red carpet and share your selfie with the world.

Data "Wear"

Data-driven T-shirts the way you like 'em, just for stopping by.  

Become a Force to Be Reckoned With

High-performance data connectivity and integration solutions for your Salesforce environment

Blazing-Fast BI and Analytics

DataDirect drivers treat Salesforce just like any other ODBC/JDBC data source for rapid BI and analytics.
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Focus on Data

Rapid access to Salesforce data means your customers can dig deeper to access more detailed information and uncover unseen opportunities.
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Free Back-office Data

DataDirect Cloud and Salesforce Lightning Connect enable real-time access to all your data, even behind a firewall, directly from the Salesforce platform.
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Gear Up for Dreamforce 2015

Dreamforce is THE party of the year. Make sure you dress to impress!

  1. Ditch the dad jeans

    Dreamforce is a huge networking opportunity. Make sure you look ready to talk business.
  1. Treat your feet well

    You'll be on your feet a lot, so make sure you bring comfortable shoes!
  1. Wearables? Wear 'em!

    Wearables are a great opportunity to show off your geek-cred, and can score points with Dreamforce's tech-conscious audience.
  1. Lose the luggage

    You want to pack light so you have plenty of room in your bag for booth swag. Opt for a tablet and phone over your heavy laptop.
  1. Power up!

    Technology is essential, and at Dreamforce, you're likely to drain your battery in no time. Make sure you bring all your chargers or an external battery pack so you stay connected.
  1. Snag a shirt

    Everyone knows it's all about the swag. Pay Progress DataDirect a visit at Booth W837 to grab a shirt the whole show will be jealous of.

Interested in what the best dressed Dreamforce attendees will be wearing this year?
Check out Fashionforce 2015!

All Things Dreamforce

Keep up to date with the latest in Dreamforce information.
Discover the hottest sessions, the coolest swag and the hippest parties.

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...I had little access to my data for reporting. DataDirect to the rescue. There were other ODBC drivers available, but DataDirect had the best functionality and cost for our purposes. Now all my data is at my fingertips and we're back in business...

We are a small non-profit and needed a simple, reliable way to integrate summarized data from external information systems into Salesforce. We bought DataDirect's Salesforce ODBC driver and, I must say, it's the best software investment I've made in a long long time. The results were immediate and profound. All my struggles with querying, updating and reporting immediately went away.

...We are BI consultants and needed to find ways of integrating our clients' live salesforce data with SAP BusinessObjects. Connect XE performed very well in our tests. Easy to configure and great support from the team...

Come find us at Dreamforce 2015 and discover why 10,000+ global enterprises work with us, over 2000+ applications depend on us, and how we support over 200+ data sources.

Or...don't wait for Dreamforce