SaaS Best Practices eBook

SaaS is one of the hottest trends in the enterprise application market, but it remains unchartered territory for many businesses. According to Saugatuck Technology, by 2020, 60% of applications will be deployed purely in the cloud. With the use of SaaS increasing year over year, there are a number of important issues to consider.

This educational eBook provides practical tips and guidance on important SaaS-related topics including:

  • Pricing your SaaS application: SaaS offerings demand new pricing models and application delivery processes. Check out our tips to ensure that you are using an effective pricing strategy for your application.
  • Sales Compensation Considerations: As new models of software delivery are added to the mix, sales structure and compensation models must adapt to the changing needs of your customers. Do you have the right structure in place to accomplish your business goals while meeting your business responsibilities?
  • Exporting your SaaS Application into New and Emerging Markets: The speed to market, cost and functionality of SaaS applications can be catalysts for change across the globe. Find out how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of new markets and get tips for creating a SaaS application that appeals internationally.

This book will help you gain insights and best practices as you move to a SaaS model to deliver value to your customers quickly and efficiently.

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Download our eBook now

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