On-demand Lean Manufacturing

On-demand Lean ManufacturingFor today’s small to medium manufacturers, increasing the bottom line while optimizing efficiency poses an increasingly difficult challenge, especially in our current economic crisis. This need, coupled with competition in a global environment, puts manufacturers in a tight spot. Manufacturing has become a global activity, new methods of production have developed, and global sourcing has become a crucial element for a manufacturer’s survival. The time for execution of best practices at the lowest total operating costs possible is now.

The introduction of new on-demand manufacturing solutions can help small to medium manufacturers—which often do not have the large IT infrastructure that bigger manufacturing firms have— to both grow and focus on their core business, as well as compete with their larger counterparts. On-demand manufacturing solutions allow midmarket manufacturers to concentrate on the future growth of their operations, without having to invest heavily in large IT infrastructures.

Read this new whitepaper from David Bourque and Sherry Fox of The Technical Evaluation Center that talks about how QAD and Progress are working together to deliver new on-demand, SaaS-based SOA capabilities to mid-sized manufactureres around the world.

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