State of IoT

2015 Global Developer Study

The Internet of Things is Everywhere

There is no escaping the hype in the marketplace around the IoT. But have we seen its pinnacle, or is the best yet to come?

While no one can deny the growing influence and effects of the IoT in everyday life and business alike, not everyone agrees on its state of development. Some say the IoT is in its infancy, others think that IoT apps will soon be eclipsed by something technically greater.

We know that every business today wants to lay claim to the term, but what do developers, the masterminds behind IoT projects now and in the future, think of it. We talked to 675 developers and what we found was surprising.

State of IoT 2015 Global Developer Survey provides key insights on a variety of topics, including:

  • Adoption of IoT apps
  • Commercial reality and future potential of the IoT
  • Availability of tools and skills to deal with the demand surrounding the IoT
  • Biggest concerns, challenges and opportunities to overcome them
  • Most popular OS and platforms for IoT development
  • Industries leading in IoT development today and tomorrow

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