Big Data in a Warehouse World:
A Vendor Neutral View

A Unique Perspective on Big Data in The Current Data Landscape

Big data. Everyone is running a big data pilot, from Oracle to Microsoft to IBM shops. But what does "big data" really mean?

Join us with Mark Rittman, Chief Technology Officer of Rittman Mead Consulting Ltd, as he shares his own experiences with organizations. He will explore current solutions, including the increasingly popular open source technologies from Hadoop to Spark, and how big data fits into today’s data warehouse world. In addition, Mark will identify options to integrate big data platforms into your current systems as well as explore traditional ETL methodologies and advantages of using these sources for real-time access.

Whether your organization is considering or already using a big data platform, this webinar gives you fresh insights and a real-world, vendor-neutral view of the current data landscape to help answer your biggest questions.

During this webinar, you’ll explore:

  • Technologies that make up the Big Data and Hadoop ecosystems
  • Market direction over the next three years
  • Practical examples of how Big Data can disrupt existing IT infrastructure
  • Best practices for ETL versus real-time connectivity to Big Data
  • Real-world use cases moving Hadoop pilots into production

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